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    How Can I Buy a Home With Zero Down?

    By Bill Jordan | January 13, 2023

    In this short video, I talk with Jeff Miltenberger of NFM Lending about what down payment amounts you may need, if any, and the fact we’ve seen buyers get into homes with little to nothing out of pocket! For more information, reach out and let’s discuss what programs/options fit you! Read More

    Dos and Don’ts When Applying For a Home Loan

    By Bill Jordan | December 30, 2022

    While it’s exciting to start thinking about moving in and making the home yours after you’ve applied for your mortgage, there are some key things to keep in mind before you close. Here’s a list of Dos and Don’ts you may not be considering. So, when making your home loan application and going through the process,... Read More

    Why Should I Get Pre Approved?

    By Bill Jordan | December 30, 2022

    One question I often get is….Why should I get pre-approved before looking at homes? I hear things like…my credit is great so it won’t be an issue. I’ll just say this: it’s super quick and easy to get pre approved and if you home shop first, chances are you find the home of your dreams... Read More

    Time to Sell? The Selling Process Explained

    By Bill Jordan | December 23, 2022

    This is a quick one minute video explaining the selling process. Should you have questions on this information, please contact me! There is so much more to the selling process than just mentioned here, and I do plan to provide more specific video content around this! Read More

    November Home Care Tips

    By Bill Jordan | November 18, 2022

    With Thanksgiving approaching (just next week!) and the holidays nearly upon us, there are so many things to look forward to (and prepare for) this time of year. Get ready for winter weather and get a jump on holiday prep, so you can relax and savor the simple pleasures of the season, like family dinners... Read More

    NWMLS Market Snapshot – October 2022 Data

    By Bill Jordan | November 14, 2022

    Looking at the data for October, the shift in the market is here! There are many opportunities for buyers to negotiate terms, inspection items, and rate buy-down help! Contrary to what the media wants to tell you, prices of homes are still increasing year over year, we simply are not in the same market we saw in the Spring.... Read More

    Saving For a Down Payment? Read This First!

    By Bill Jordan | October 12, 2022

    The first thing people begin to prepare for when buying a home is the down payment. We’ve all been conditioned to think that 20% is what we need to save….but is that true? It is not true, and your down payment could be more in reach than you originally thought. Here’s why. The 20% Down... Read More

    Two Questions Homebuyers Should Ask…

    By Bill Jordan | October 6, 2022

    What was once a hot real estate market for sellers has officially cooled off due as monthly mortgage payments have risen dramatically over the summer. Many people who want to purchase a home feel priced out of this market while others wonder if now is the time to buy a home. The bad news is, the... Read More

    September Home Care Tips

    By Bill Jordan | September 20, 2022

    September is a time of transition. From the first days, which probably still feel like summer, to the last, when you notice that first chill in the air and sun makes way to rain. Get your home ready for the season ahead by ticking off these to-dos, from adding cozy layers to scheduling necessary maintenance —... Read More

    NWMLS Market Snapshot – August 2022 Data

    By Bill Jordan | September 15, 2022

    Looking at the data for August, the shift in the market is in full swing with opportunities for buyers to find their home. As mentioned last month, prices of homes are still increasing year over year, we simply are not in the same market we saw in the Spring. The headlines still want you to think the market is... Read More